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Our Septic Services

Septic Systems and More in Salida, Howard, and Westcliffe Areas

Technicians working on sewage

Septic Tanks Cleaned and Systems Repaired

Rely on the specialists at Mountain High Septic to maintain your septic systems, keeping them clean and running properly while always using the proper chemicals that allow you to avoid any system issues or emergencies.

Properly functioning septic systems require the expertise and commitment that we offer our customers. Let us make sure your system continues to run without issues or troubles, ensure that your system runs as designed and reaches the estimated time periods between treatments, pumping, and inspections.

Consider scheduling routine checkups and maintenance for your septic systems, no matter their age and no matter their workload. Don't allow these important and necessary systems to fail!
Porta Potties
Make Mountain High Septic your go-to for Porta Potty maintenance, rental, cleaning, delivery, and pick-up. Whether you need restrooms for construction zones, sporting events, or parties, High Mountain Septic has you covered. 

Don't let the thought of Porta Potty cleaning and maintenance keep you from anything! Whatever your Porta Potty needs, Mountain High Septic is at your service. 

Complete Septic Control

Grey water and black water from your septic systems must both be treated according to local codes, as well as City, County, State and Federal laws and guidelines. Our experts keep up to date on all these and EPA guidelines relating to the environment, lakes, streams and runoff, and always remain up to date on best industry practices.

We value the environment and all living things as much as you do. Rely on us to handle septic waste waters and liquids properly and legally.  

The experts working with Mountain High Septic in Salida know all the rules in the proper handling of your septic waste and other waste waters. Why not discuss your needs and your options with us in detail? Call us at 719-539-4985 today!

Emergency Services

Your septic system may fail at the least opportune time, possibly when you are entertaining a large group, during holiday festivities for the extended family, or when trying to show or sell your property. Scheduled septic maintenance services and routine diagnosis will allow you to avoid such embarrassment. Mountain High Septic has been servicing satisfied customers in Salida, Howard, and the Westcliffe areas for many years.

Our skilled technicians and our modern septic equipment can quickly address all your septic system needs, emergency or routine. As our company grows so does our long list of completely satisfied customers!
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